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Thai Teens On The Ferry

Today is the day I say goodbye to Koh Phangan, the beautiful island I called home for the past 3 months.

The ferry arrived, marking the start of a 12 hour journey to Bangkok.

I went up to the upper deck, indulging in the uniquely dreamy Koh Phangan sunset one last time.

An hour went by, and the sun has set. Two Thai teens came up and sat in front of me. Browsing Facebook on their phones, smoking cigarets, and enjoying cup noodle, coka cola, and instant coffee.

I felt bad how western influences have got them hooked on all these toxic habits and processed foods.

The teen on the left finished his cup noodle, and did something that made my heart ache…he tossed the cup into the ocean, along with the leftover soup cheaply flavored with MSG.

As a nature lover, the me 3 years ago would probably have scolded him for trashing the ocean. However, I did nothing.

I can’t be angry at him. As an educated foreigner living in abundance, who am I to be angry at a Thai teenager from this little island?

Maybe I should’ve tried to overcome our language barriers and educate him nicely on ocean preservation. Would he get it? Or would that leave him bad memories of foreigners, or the environment.

What would you do?

Just as I poundered, the other teen threw his ciggerat butt into the ocean and they both got up and left. My heart ached again.

Well, on the bright side, at least they spared the Coka Cola can.

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