Michael Koh

Are you…dead?


You have a dream inside of you, you made excuses for it, you listened to people telling you to be “realistic” and “grow up”


But deep down you know that, you are not living to your full potential because you are damn scared…


Growing up in Taiwan, I thought I would live an ordinary life like everyone else. However, the day I graduated Berkeley, I saw this safe, boring “adult life” coming at me and my classmates. I was horrified…”Really? This 9 to 5 zombie life for my next 60 years? HELL NO!”


So I went on my own journey…living off of a suitcase all over the world for the past 4 years. Family and friends back home thought I’m crazy, but I’m just…living! I’ve met the most wonderful people, built successful businesses, and even fought in a ring in Thailand. To me, life is literally this beautiful, “once in a lifetime” opportunity!


Maybe you are not ready yet, but I hope these stories would remind you of the dreams inside you.


Live. Don’t die.